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Among the vast amount of Piedmontese specialties, the white truffle is one of the most valuable fine products and its flavours are widely known as one of the best in the world.

After it is extracted from the soil, the precious mushroom rests until it appears on our tables.

The delicious truffle teaches and educates to respect the precious fruit that nature has always offered to man, whilst the quarrymen are the jealous keepers and guardians of the forest.: They take care of them with love which they offer as a gift to the world.

Discover the wonderful truffle scents, follow the mysterious tracks while learning the secrets of underground mushrooms in an extraordinary environment. We offer all of this and more…

You are accompanied by specialized staff which are able to satisfy any curiosity and bring great company to the tour.

We will make wonderful excursions immersed in an uncontaminated environment , through woods, hazel groves, meadows and hills of our Monferrato UNESCO heritage.

In the silence of the woods we will admire the harmony of trifulao and Tabui the dog. Like truffle and plant, both will accompany you towards an adventure with the intent on finding the diamond of the earth; his Majesty the Truffle !!! 



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